Critic's Rating:  3.5/5


 Joshua, who has been working in Dubai since the age of 15, gets a call from his family to return home. How he, with the magical support of his sister Jenny, figures to live life in between the joy, pressures, expectations and tragedy is what Koode is about.


 In Anjali Menon's movies, it is the little things that make the most beautiful of differences. Koode is no different. The movie is a touching yet breezy tale and take on relationships that sometimes lose their meaning, in between the words that not spoken and moments that are not lived.  The protagonist of the movie, Joshua brilliantly portrayed by Prithviraj and Zubin, who is working in Dubai gets a call to return home urgently.   From then on, the movie's scriptwriter and director, Anjali, and the cinematographer Littil Swayamp takes the audience through the emotions of Joshua - his joy, his troubles and how his little sister Jenny helps him find that life is lived in between all these.  Prithviraj as Joshua is mellow and vulnerable, perfectly complementing the vivacious Jenny, played by Nazriya. The actress’ comeback has everything that she was missed for - her spontaneity and natural expressions only make us love Jenny more.  Parvathy as Sophie is so detailed by Anjali that despite the limited dialogues and screen time of the character, the audience sees the iron will behind each of her decisions.   Both Ranjith and Maala Parvathy as Joshua’s parents play their parts well - expressing the helplessness of their situations while coming in terms in what has happened. Roshan Mathew also plays his character Krish well in the portions where the story veers off to show Jenny’s college days.  Anjali like her previous movies has focused on the little things in the lives of the protagonists to move the audience while also making us smile - be it the family photo, Joshua's cringing while his sister gets an injection, him insisting his father to buy a new car, Sophie taking the decision or even Atul Kulkarni's character asking Joshua to pass the football to a young Sophie.  The locales and Raghu Dixit's music adds to the soul of the movie. Much like the highlight of the feel-good movie, Anjali ensures that she packs in nuggets of joy whenever a situation gets tense.  Koode is a breezy, feel-good movie that has good performances, visuals and neatly sketched characters that will stay with you even after you leave the theatre.

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